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Read what our members say about the Music Together Program.

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"We loved the class...Brian is great with the kids!" - L. Traylor

"We have absolutely loved music class.  Kit does an awesome job!  It's the highlight of our week and Rory has come home with a new skill each week.  It has been such a wonderful experience so far!"  - K. Swanson  

"We are so excited to start class again! Hudson can't wait. You have NO idea what a influence this class has had on Hudson!!! We miss it so much."- A. Pedrotti 

"It's been my feeling for a while that my daughter isn't getting much out of her other music class anymore, so I'm trilled with her reaction to your music class." -J.J.

"I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much both Francie and I enjoyed your Music Class. I am so sad it is over already!"- S. Sarrat

"My child really has a true passion for so many aspects of music, and I love that you are teaching classes he can be a part of. It's obvious he looks up to you and I appreciate you as a positive, musical role model for him."- K. Caylor

"These music classes have helped my kids in so many ways. Our child is singing all day, talking, learning and using new words from the songs we sing at the classes; I have gotten her interested in potty usage by adding "going to the potty" related words to the song she has already becoming familiar with. She uses the music but with her own lyrics, depending on what she is doing. I have done the MT with all of my three children and the improvements I have seen in their speech, social skills and music interest show almost instantly after the first class. The magic of music! Music Together is an investment! Well worth it!" - K Traweek

"We are thoroughly enjoying the class and my daughter thinks that the teacher hung the moon. She teaches music so age-appropriately and individually. She is a superb teacher to
young children. I feel that her teaching style is lovely. My daughter is two and she enjoys the song 'The little Bells' sung with words or even " la la la la". The teacher recognizes the need for simplifying music and teaching it in steps. I just thought I would offer a well deserved word of praise for her, and for the entire program. We love her. Thank you for making this program so magical!" - C. Brown

"Annie has been loving the music in the car lately. She is dancing, singing, and saying "more more!" We can't wait for the new classes to begin."- F. Fortanely

"Faith said last week, "I sure wish we could go back to music class!" I said, "well, Mr Michael is on vacation," and she said, "Why does he have to go on vacation?!!!" We still listen to the cd at home and in the car...ALLLLL the time! And Ava has the rhythm down!" - S. Malone

"We loved the class today. Thanks so much for the thoughtful way you've put it together. It's certainly the best we've had! And, I appreciate the enthusiasm of the other parents. We look forward to seeing you all next week." - C. Grant

"Our family's cars were parked next to each other in the driveway. Emily (age 3-1/2) stood between the 2 cars, tapping on the gas tank doors. She'd tap my car, then my husband's car. After a few times, she turned to my husband and said "look Daddy, high!" (and tapped my car) "and low!" (and tapped his car). Sure enough, the gas tank doors had different pitches. We were so impressed! I used to think that simply exposing our daughters to different kinds of music at home and in the car would be enriching enough, but I am a fanatic believer now in the importance of the music play that Music Together offers. Both kids are now singing, humming and bouncing, and noticing new sounds, in a whole different way. Thank you for everything you do." L.B. Williams 

 "Luke was supposed to be napping in his new big boy bed when he suddenly appears in my room with a stool and his banjo. He disappears only to return with his basket of musical instruments announcing,    "I am Michael, it is time for music class!" He sang a rendition of 'my lady wind' and 'hello' to a sold out crowd consisting of Mom and Dad." - J. Buchanan

"I wanted to let you know how much my kids and I enjoyed your last class, you are a wonderful teacher. Your love for children and excitement for their growth is so evident, thanks for doing what you do!"- K. Reeves

"You will always be our favorite and dearest Music Together facilitator - thank you for the joy, songs, and sweetness you brought to our lives, we celebrate you!"- G.& K. Masala

"First, I just wanted to tell you how much Avery and I have enjoyed the Music Together class. You and Libby make it loads of fun. I especially enjoy the guitar --it has inspired me to get out my own (I haven't touched it in some time; I was a pianist first and didn't spend as much time with the guitar before life got in the way). So, I'm re-learning chords, etc. I pulled out the Bongos book because...I was dressing Avery on Thursday morning, and she started singing…the Goodbye Song. She had most of the words of a verse right, and I could recognize the tune. The only song she has ever attempted before was Twinkle, Twinkle, and that was months ago. She's been singing the Goodbye Song a few times a day ever since. And she started toning the "toys away" business in the tub when I was helping put away her tub toys. Way cool." - D Joslin

"We have had a wonderful time this semester. I truly feel that Music Together is the best activity on our schedule. When people ask me about the class, I tell them that it is a rich experience. Nothing can compare to this curriculum. It encompasses everything that is essential for a child's development; song, movement, patterns, routines, joy, play, and structure. My daughter gets so much from the entire experience. It has changed our lives in ways that I do not even know how to express. I often use the "Hello Song" to sing to Music Together kids and they connect with me instantly. The patterned techniques (like toning when putting away toys or counting to turn off the lights) often turn tantrums into calm routines. Bringing joy and music into peoples' hearts is a wonderful gift that you give other people. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the program. You are a wonderful teacher and leader and your enthusiasm and passion for the class is contagious!"."- L. Svetlik