Mixed Age Class

Kathleen McDonagh
Music Together Online Only (location info)
Mon, Wed, Fri, Anytime
09/21/20 - 12/04/20 (10 weeks)


(for Newborns -age 6). Siblings 6 and older are welcome anytime free of charge, and infants under 10 months old are also welcome free of charge with a registered sibling. 3rd child always free. Our classes build on your child's natural enthusiasm for music and movement. In addition to the instant enjoyment and bonding that occurs during each class, we'll help you provide your child with the basic musical skills needed to enjoy a life of music, school and social musical activities, and to study an instrument should he or she ever choose to do so. Music Together classes provide a special opportunity for children, parents, families, and friends to share the fun, learning, and joy of social music-making in a non-competitive, supportive environment. Our research-based program, songbooks and CD's engange children's natural musicality by providing developmentally appropriate songs, chants, music and movement games and percussion play for all to share - both in and out of class.

Upcoming Meetings
09/28/20    Anytime Monday 09/28/20 Anytime
09/30/20    Anytime Wednesday 09/30/20 Anytime
10/02/20    Anytime Friday 10/02/20 Anytime
10/05/20    Anytime Monday 10/05/20 Anytime
10/07/20    Anytime Wednesday 10/07/20 Anytime
10/09/20    Anytime Friday 10/09/20 Anytime
10/12/20    Anytime Monday 10/12/20 Anytime
10/14/20    Anytime Wednesday 10/14/20 Anytime
10/16/20    Anytime Friday 10/16/20 Anytime
10/19/20    Anytime Monday 10/19/20 Anytime
10/21/20    Anytime Wednesday 10/21/20 Anytime
10/23/20    Anytime Friday 10/23/20 Anytime
10/26/20    Anytime Monday 10/26/20 Anytime
10/28/20    Anytime Wednesday 10/28/20 Anytime
10/30/20    Anytime Friday 10/30/20 Anytime
11/02/20    Anytime Monday 11/02/20 Anytime
11/04/20    Anytime Wednesday 11/04/20 Anytime
11/06/20    Anytime Friday 11/06/20 Anytime
11/09/20    Anytime Monday 11/09/20 Anytime
11/11/20    Anytime Wednesday 11/11/20 Anytime
    Due to an increase of food allergies in children, we ask all our friends to snack before or after class and to leave all foods and drinks outside the class room.